Sodalitas Vulturis Volantis contacted the developers of OHM with a simple proposition: through collaboration, let us change the world. Aware of OHM’s initially intended purpose, S:.V:.V:. wished to introduce an additional component: experimentation in incentivized kindness and collective reward. To receive OHM consistently through S:.V:.V:. one must first be an Applicant. After an application is received and approved, Applicants who wish to earn OHM will be rewarded when completed tasks are accompanied by evidence. If one wishes to participate in one aspect of our experiment anonymously, they may do so via LAMB.


  1. Participating in an Act of Creation: Planting our Seed.
  2. Performing any Act of Kindness.
  3. Being an active participant and member of our community.

Applicants earn OHM for simply being. 

Let us explicate with an example. Pretend there exist three Applicants – Aleph, Mem, and ShinAleph performs 10 Act of Kindness, provides evidence, and as a result is rewarded with 10 OHM. In accordance with our Law of Being, an equal amount will be distributed evenly amongst ALL Applicants. As there is 10 OHM to be divided between Mem, and Shin, they will receive 5 OHM each. Yes, Mem and Shin are rewarded for the actions of Aleph. We hope this example is sufficient.

In order to promote equality, All Applicants will receive 1 OHM per Action. However, Applicants will also reap the rewards of the 1 Million Acts of Kindness, earning an equal amount according to the principles described above.